Accelerator Zip Neck SS Men's

Technical short sleeve zip neck shirt provides light insulation and moisture wicking performance for high output activities in cooler conditions.

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Colour: Chipotle
Year: 2013
Size: XL
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Condition: Great
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Item notes: Minor manufacturing defects on front shoulder seams stitching.
Accelerator Zip Neck SS Men's

Functional versatility makes the Accelerator Zip Neck a key piece for mountain training and aerobic activity in cooler conditions. The Shaide™ polyester fabric provides thermal regulation with exceptional moisture wicking performance and UPF 45+ sun protection. The tall collar helps seal out the cold, and the deep front zipper provides rapid ventilation. Reflective blazes boost visibility in low light.


The Accelerator Zip Neck reflects the Arc’teryx attention to use focused details. Each seam is specifically placed to avoid chafing and maximize ergonomic performance. Flatlock construction further minimizes irritation. Gusseted underarms, stretch, and the hip length hem deliver comfort and coverage while on the move. The Athletic fit minimizes excess material and layers easily under a windshell, but doesn’t constrict.

Weight: 150 g / 5.3 oz
Fit: Hip Length: Athletic Fit
Intended Use: Running / Training/Fitness
Model: 12083
Year: Spring 2013
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