Cala Dress Women's

Trim fitting collarless dress that travels well and is great for everyday wear.

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Colour: Ixora
Year: 2018
Size: L
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Condition: Great
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Item notes: 2" thread run on lower right seat. Too faint to depict in photo.
Cala Dress Women's

Versatile, clean styling and an easy care performance fabric make the Cala an ideal dress for extended travel and everyday wear. Trim and comfortable, it comes just above the knee and gathers at the waist for a flattering, tailored fit. Two hidden snaps adjust the collarless neckline, and one of the hand pockets includes a zippered security pocket for small valuables. Soft and airy, the Diem™ polyester has comfort stretch, dries quickly and resists wrinkles.

Weight: 135 g / 4.8 oz
Fit: Trim fit: Above knee length
Intended Use: Around Town
Model: 20947
Year: Spring 2018
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