Gamma SL Hybrid Jacket Men's

Gamma Series: Softshell outerwear with stretch | SL: Superlight. Lightweight, durable wind and moisture resistant jacket constructed using two weights of softshell textile for enhanced mobility and breathability.

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Colour: Blue Onyx
Year: 2013
Size: S
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Condition: Great
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Item notes: Minor 1'' stain on back under collar.
Gamma SL Hybrid Jacket Men's
Weight-conscious, fast moving alpine specialists will appreciate this lightweight jacket. A hybrid of a durable, weather-resistant fabric in high-wear areas and a lightweight, quick drying, breathable fabric in the main body that accentuates heat and moisture control with high weather protection.
Weight: 295 g / 10.4 oz
Fit: Hip Length: Athletic Fit
Intended Use: Alpine Climbing / Rock Climbing
Model: 10682
Year: Spring 2013
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