Khazri 55 Backpack

Lightweight, alpine-focused backpack, designed with removable suspension components.

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$249.50 new$139.72 used
Colour: Gold
Year: 2008
Size: REG
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Condition: Good
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See photo: Faint stains and scratches on bottom. Moderate discolorations on straps.
Khazri 55 Backpack
This super-clean, lightweight alpine pack is large enough to move a camp uphill, but compresses tightly for a low-profile leading pack. Trimmed down to bear only the essential alpine features, the Khazri 55 has a supportive and strippable suspension system, modular ice tool holders, removable/floating top lid, and a removable thermoformed hipbelt.
Weight: 1900 g / 4 lb 3.0 oz
Intended Use: All Round / Alpine Climbing / Ice Climbing / Rock Climbing
Model: 5775
Year: Spring 2008
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