Motus Crew LS Men's

Moisture-wicking, quick-drying, long-sleeve shirt constructed using Phasic™ technology textile; ideal for a wide range of high-output activities.

Colour: Graphite
Year: 2011
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    Motus Crew LS Men's
    This technically-designed, next-to-skin, long sleeve top is made of Phasic™ SL, an advanced bi-component fabric which wicks moisture, dries quickly, and disperses odours. Perfect for aerobic activities like trail running, trekking, or rock climbing, this technical piece is pattered for on-the-go pursuits with a longer hip-length cut that works with shorts and tights.
    Weight: 121 g / 4.3 oz
    Fit: Trim fit: Hip Length
    Intended Use: Hiking / Running / Training/Fitness
    Model: 8914
    Year: Spring 2011
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