Vertices Hoody Women's

A trim fitted, cold weather, base layer with a balaclava style hood.

Colour: Heron
Year: 2013
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    Vertices Hoody Women's
    A cold weather base layer with breathable, moisture wicking, thermal Torrent™ fabric with an odour controlling finish that helps keep the garment fresh during repeated use and washings. A balaclava style hood fits over the head easily and a trim fitted, straight cut torso with a wide hem hugs the core. Sleeves are lean throughout and a laminated pocket on chest stores essentials.
    Weight: 255 g / 9.0 oz
    Fit: Trim fit: Hip Length
    Intended Use: Ski/Snowboard
    Model: 9492
    Year: Fall 2013
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    This item was designed to last a long time, and it still has lots of life left. By keeping Arc'teryx products in action, we keep them out of the landfill and you get great products for less.

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